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With smart, informed moms hyper attentive to what’s in their baby’s food, the idea of “transparency” has become layered with added meaning. Organic baby food brand SPROUT wants to be “transparent” in giving consumers the clearest, most honest information possible about its ingredients, and how they are sourced and prepared into delicious foods. At the same time, they want to be literally transparent by giving moms a clear window to look at their food, eliminating any concerns about what they are buying.


CCM has helped communicate the transparency message with copy and visuals that connect those two important points and bring the appeal of fresh, “real”, organic food to life with strong food images. The agency has developed product videos, account specific promotions, displays, and brochures that highlight this message, along with other key brand selling points.


The transparency message is being promoted at leading national accounts and expanded across the brand’s full pouch line, reinforcing that Sprout is the cleanest baby food brand, and the first brand committed to true transparency.