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Wine & Spirits

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Print Advertising
Point of Sale
Digital Advertising
Website Development

CCM's creative juxtaposes universal symbols of heat / fire with the Fireball dragon.


A Cinnamon Flavored Whisky that tastes great and had pockets of popularity in off the beaten track places like Vancouver was a brand with untapped upside. The challenge was for client and agency to collaborate on the latent brand characteristics that could help the product "catch fire".

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Using the brand's website, advertising, point of sale, promotional activity, and merchandising, CCM helped define the dragon character as an icon that consumers who were above legal drinking age, and like to party, could respond to. Creative executions connected the character (and brand) with everything from extreme sports, to metal music, and ultimate fighting.

Fireball Snowboard, Bar Fridge and Bar Poster


Fireball has been on a blazing sales tear... increasing its loyal consumer base and market share in established brand market, and spreading throughout the USA (and world) on a by demand basis.