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Our Philosophy.

There's a

BEST solution

We need to find it.

We're willing to go through walls.

In the end, it's only good when it works.

And one more thing, people who are working together this closely really should try to make it fun.

Our Capabilities.

Brand Development


Strategic Planning

Product Launch


Ad planning (creative and media)



Direct Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social Media


Wayback Machine.


How does a leading brewer capitalize on the hype and excitement of the Super Bowl when they've been locked out of sponsorship opportunities? Turn to CCM.


CCM developed the Super SCoors Game. Consumers picked up Super SCoors game pieces which delivered various numerical scores. During the Super Bowl, if the score of the game matched the one on the game piece, consumers called an 800 number. The first 25 callers with matching SCoors instantly won themed merchandise and the 250th caller won a brand new Jeep Cherokee and a chance at $1,000,000


Super SCoors made Coors a huge Super Sunday presence, both on & off premise, without the huge cost of Super Bowl ads and was run 2 years in a row.