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Impact Studies.

Walk NYC App

We created a "Walk NYC" mobile app that is provided to hotel guests as an added value and is featured in advertising and database marketing. NYC divided up into a series of 1 hour walk tours delivered on your mobile device.

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Fiercely Independent.

CCM is a New York based full service marketing agency.

Since 1978, we have consistently over-delivered on clients expectations, coming in on target, on time, and under budget.

As an independent agency, CCM puts clients first, not a parent company or agency network.

Socially Connected.

  • As long as we (sadly) need to be reminded to demand gender equity at work, #Fearlessgirl should stay! Mar 23
  • Thimble gets the boot! Hauled off with a wheelbarrow! No one has a monopoly on good ideas, but CCM is nimble so you… Mar 22
  • Thinking about moving the agency to a cabana here rather than icy, slushy NYC…hope no clients object Mar 16

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CCM 11 E 47 St, 3rd Fl
New York, NY 10017

T: 212-689-8225
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